Coursera – Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools – Introduction to Bootstrap

將以下程式碼貼在<head>標籤的下一行,可以達到RWD(Responsive Web Design)的效果

<br /><br /><br /><!-- The above 3 meta tags *must* come first in the head; any other head content must come *after* these tags -->


<!-- Bootstrap -->

<!-- HTML5 shim and Respond.js for IE8 support of HTML5 elements and media queries -->
<!-- WARNING: Respond.js doesn't work if you view the page via file:// -->
<!-- [if lt IE 9]>
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

將以下程式碼貼在</body>的前一行,可以引用專案內包含的jQuery和Bootstrap JavaScript lib。

<!-- jQuery (necessary for Bootstrap's JavaScript plugins) -->
<a href=""></a>
<!-- Include all compiled plugins (below), or include individual files as needed -->
<a href="http://js/bootstrap.min.js">http://js/bootstrap.min.js</a>

也可以改用以下程式碼,引用網路上的Bootstrap CSS/JS檔

<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>

三種Bootstrap class

  1. container
  2. row
  3. jumbotron


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